Sept 4, 2009 - CFTS is proud to support human powered distance world record holder Greg Kolodziejzyk in his attempt to be the first person to travel from Canada to Hawaii in a human powered vehicle. No person in history has traveled further under his own power in one day, on land or water than Greg Kolodziejzyk. In July of 2006, Greg earned his first world record by pedaling his human powered vehicle called Critical Power 647 miles in one day. In September of 2008, he did it again, but this time on water when he pedaled his human powered boat Critical Power Two 152.3 miles in 24 hours around a circular lake course earning him his second world record. In July of 2010 he will pedal his purpose built composite boat (WiTHiN) from British Columbia, Canada to Hawaii. At a distance of about 2,700 miles it will certainly test his mind, body, and equipment!

Earlier this year Greg asked us to be a part of his adventure, we said "YES"! We are proud to be listed as one of his sponsors. We provided him with carbon fiber tubing sized to fit a variety of applications in his boat. Two very important areas that use carbon tubes are the navigation light mast and the rudder tube.

We are pleased to see our tubes used in two of the most critical areas of the boat. Needless to say when Greg is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean being seen and being able to steer the boat are both pretty big priorities. Once Greg leaves Canada you will be able to track his progress in real time on the web since his boat has been fitted with a special positional tracking beacon. We wish Greg the best of luck in meeting his goal! Here are a few more pictures of the boat itself.

To read more about his project please visit or you can visit his blog at: